Everyone wanted to get their hands on the 4090s as soon as they launched. Despite the huge prices, they were globally sold out and still need help to obtain. However, not everyone can afford a 4090. While the price drop is not that huge, the 25% cheaper new RTX 4080 is more accessible to many gamers. With the RTX 4080, you get 70% of the performance as the RTX 4090 at 75% of the price. Today, we will review the best PC case for RTX 4080 in 2024.

While that may not sound like the best deal on the planet, NVIDIA maintains superiority over the GPU market and thus has complete freedom while setting prices. 

This is quite unlike the CPU market, where Intel and AMD beat each other bloody, resulting in great deals for us. Putting the market aside, once you get your hands on a 40 series card like the 4080 that is about the same size as the 4090, you want to get the appropriate computer case. 

For a large GPU like the RTX 4080, you need a case with enough GPU clearance, for starters. The best way to showcase your GPU is to mount it vertically, so you’ll also want to look for that. The case should have enough airflow to keep your GPU cool. Along with all these factors, you’ll want to ensure the case is compatible with your decided motherboard, looks good to you, and is within your budget. 

Thinking about all this at once could make the best of us dizzy. That is why we have carefully picked out the most appropriate cases and made you a list of compatible cases with RTX 4080. Anyone from this list will work well with your new card. We have ensured to include the perfect case for every kind of build. You can compare each case’s necessary information and decide which is best to house your beast of a card.

Lian Li Lancool III Best Editor's Choice Case for RTX 4080 Lian Li Lancool III Read More See On Amazon
Corsair 5000D Airflow Best Overall Case for RTX 4080 Corsair 5000D Airflow Read More See On Amazon
ASUS ROG Strix Helios Best Looking Case for RTX 4080 ASUS ROG Strix Helios Read More See On Amazon
Corsair iCUE 7000X RGB Best PC Case for RTX 4080 Corsair iCUE 7000X RGB Read More See On Amazon
NZXT H7 Elite Best Value Case for RTX 4080 NZXT H7 Elite Read More See On Amazon
Thermaltake Core P3 Best Enthusiast Case for RTX 4080 Thermaltake Core P3 Read More See On Amazon
Fractal Design Ridge Best Compact Case for RTX 4080 Fractal Design Ridge Read More See On Amazon
Cooler Master HAF700 ‘The Beserker’ Best Case for RTX 4080 Cooler Master HAF700 ‘The Beserker’ Read More See On Amazon

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Best PC Case for RTX 4080 Reviews

Lian Li Lancool III

Lian Li Lancool III

Best Editor's Choice Case for RTX 4080

  • +Massive radiator support
  • +Compete cable management and hiding solutions
  • + Good GPU support for horizontal or vertical mounting
  • +Impressive Fans
  • Noisy to some
  • Brushed aluminum surface is fingerprint prone

We don’t blame you if you want a high-tech case for your high-tech RTX 4080. Since you have a 40 series GPU, you deserve to get the best of the best to go with it. This case from Lian Li will surely grab your attention with its interesting yet somewhat gimmicky tech features. The Lancool III is a spectacular case, and let’s talk about why.

First, we have a mesh front, which means lots of air. You’ll notice that three of the four pre-installed fans available in the front are received to the back behind the mesh a bit so that they can pull air from a greater surface area, improving performance immensely. You can also remove the fans and flip them around as you could in the previous Lancool cases. 

There is ventilation all around the case to get the best thermals possible. However, the mesh on the left has drivemounts, impacting the airflow a bit. As a smart case, they designed it to be easy to build, so it has several extra long velcro straps, making cable management super easy for even a novice. 

You can mount radiators at the front or on top of the PSU. The top radiator can be as big as 420mm, and a radiator on the bottom also gives some airflow to the GPU. Speaking of the GPU, they have a GPU anti-sag bracket, so your GPU can hang perfectly horizontally, and there’s an optional verticle GPU kit for verticle mounting. That’s the kind of support we want for your 40-series GPU. 

The Lancool III comes in black or white brushed aluminum with two tempered glass side panels. Two metal doors hide all the cables behind the motherboard, giving you a canvas for any personalization visible from the glass window. The tempered glass opens with a special latch in a cool way. The metal doors are also magnetic. This case has a high-tech vibe and will impress you and your friends when you see it in person.

Corsair 5000D Airflow

Corsair 5000D Airflow

Best Overall Case for RTX 4080

  • +One of the best cases in regards to cooling.
  • +Affordable
  • +Two pre-installed fan
  • +Pre-installed fan header
  • +Liquid cooling friendly
  • Heavily tinted glass panel
  • Needs more pre-installed fans

This list wouldn’t be complete without entries from Corsair. The 5000D Airflow was built for powerful cooling to keep GPU temperatures tame under high loads. This is a highly recommended case for your new RTX 4080. 

This roomy mid-tower chassis can comfortably fit mini-ITX, micro ATX, ATX, and E-ATX motherboards. Since it’s got airflow in the name, you aren’t wrong to assume the cooling potential of this case is huge. Both fans and radiator mounting are supported. You get one 120mm fan in the front and one 120mm fan in the rear, pre-installed with the case, arranged to cool the GPU straight out of the box. You get a fan header capable of controlling six PWM  fans with the case.

However, there is room for three 120mm fans in the front,  three on the top, three on the motherboard tray, and one in the rear for superior airflow. The top panel is fairly open to promote airflow but has a dust mesh to reduce maintenance. While this is a mid-tower, it has plenty of room for cable management with provided velcro straps and plenty of storage. You get two 3.5-inch HDD drive bays and four 2.5-inch drive bays for SSDs

The RTX 4080 is about 310mm long. With the 5000D Airflow, you get 370 mm of GPU clearance, giving your card ample breathing room. It also has verticle slots available, so you can easily mount your graphic card vertically to show it off in all its glory. However, the PCI-Express 3.0 extension cable is sold separately. 

You will likely pair a powerful CPU with your RTX 4080 to ensure there’s no bottlenecking. You’ll need powerful cooling to keep both of them under control. The 5000D Airflow has 170mm of CPU cooler clearance, meaning most air coolers are compatible. You can simultaneously use two full-size 360 mm radiators anywhere in the front, top, or side with another 120mm one in the rear. Not only are all available AIO CPU coolers compatible with this case, but you can also design your own custom loop to cool it. 

This case comes in black or white to suit the theme of your build. The front is a mesh to encourage airflow, similar to the Fractal Design Torrent. On the left side is a stunning tempered glass window, allowing a view inside your system where you can show off your 4080 with pride. Considering its spectacular cooling capabilities, stunning looks, and graphic card compatibility, it’s a steal for the price.

ASUS ROG Strix Helios

ASUS ROG Strix Helios

Best Looking Case for RTX 4080

  • +Three tempered glass panels
  • +Four pre-installed fans
  • +Versatile GPU support
  • +Custom water cooling friendly
  • Pricey
  • No bottom fan or radiator support

You didn’t think the first ROG chassis wouldn’t find its way to this list? The ROG Strix Helios is a feature-heavy, roomy mid-tower, capable of holding up to EATX form factor motherboards. 

The Helios is cooled straight out of the box with three preinstalled 140mm fans in the front and one 140mm fan in the back, acting as an exhaust. Additionally, you can add three 120mm or two 140mm fans on top for more efficient cooling. Of course, such an advanced PC case would have nothing but the most decked-out front I/O. You get a USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C™ port, four USB 3.0 ports, an RGB-lighting control button, a fan-speed control button, and the power button. 

Now, let’s get down to the really important stuff. This roomy case has a whopping 450 mm of GPU clearance. Talk about future proof. That’s more than enough room for the 4080. Now you can install three cards in this case, the conventional way and two vertically, given you have a riser cable longer than 200mm. Additionally, there are GPU braces for even more support. This is the kind of GPU support versatility we’re looking for! 

The broad chassis gives you many options when deciding how to cool this bad boy. There’s 420 mm of front radiator support, 360mm on top, and 140mm in the back. Meaning you can easily opt for the most top-of-the-line AIO out there. The roomy interior and tempered glass exterior make this a great case for custom water cooling, and with 190mm CPU cooler clearance, no air cooler can elude you. 

You know ASUS never lets you down in the aesthetics department. This case is all black with a refined-looking brushed aluminum frame. The build features not one or two but three smoked-out tempered glass panels, making it the ultimate case for showcasing your build. The front panel has beautiful integrated RGB lighting, which you can sync to the rest of your lights through ASUS Aura Sync lighting. So far, it’s ticking all our boxes, and the black fabric straps in a zigzag pattern on top of the case are a nice touch, making it easy to carry around. Cases like this cost a pretty penny, but they also look great on your desk!

Corsair iCUE 7000X RGB

Corsair iCUE 7000X RGB

Best PC Case for RTX 4080

  • +Pre-installed RGB fans
  • +Pre-installed RGB fan controller
  • +Triple slot vertical GPU mount
  • +Custom water cooling friendly
  • Expensive
  • Unimpressive upgrade from the iCUE 5000X RGB
  • Not the easiest build

Are you seeking a full-tower computer case 60% larger than your average mid-tower? The Corsair iCUE 7000X RGB is the ultimate showcase building option, effortlessly combining style with efficient cooling. 

The 7000X is a fully featured full-tower case that can easily accommodate E-ATX, ATX, mATX, and ITX motherboards, making it ideal for larger gaming or smaller builds with custom water cooling. The roomy case supports twelve 120mm fans, four in the front, four on the right, three on the top, and one in the back. You can mount seven of them if you want to use 140mm. 

Four RGB fans come pre-installed with the case, three in the front and one in the back for convenient straight-out-of-the-box cooling. Speaking of pre-installed goodies, The COMMANDER CORE XT is an advanced RGB fan controller for up to six fans, which you can use to monitor temperature or run iCUE lighting products, giving you out-of-the-box fan speed and RGB control with Corsair’s iCUE software. 

You can add three 360mm radiators or two 420 mm radiators to this huge frame, meaning you have unlimited cooling potential. You can design your dream custom loop or get the biggest AIO CPU cooler available. With the 7000X RGB, you get a three-slot vertical GPU mount to show off your 4080 in all its glory. There’s plenty of room to give it enough air.

Like ASUS’s Helios, this also has three tempered glass panels for showing off your build. However, they are perfectly crystal clear instead of smoked out. The parts of the frame that aren’t made of glass are coated with white aluminum for a bright look. The top panel is a metal mesh for increased airflow. Corsair’s iCUE 7000X is a large case for an ambitious build. With the iCUE software, you can sync all your components for the perfect light show visible through the clear glass panels, all while giving your precious RTX 4080 more than enough airflow. 

This full-tower is difficult to beat if you want a bright aesthetic with all-around glass, plenty of space, and pre-installed RGB fans!

NZXT H7 Elite

NZXT H7 Elite

Best Value Case for RTX 4080

  • +Pre-installed fans with controller
  • +Tempered glass panels
  • +Ample GPU clearance
  • No verticle GPU mounting ability
  • Warmer than H7 Flow

Onto our next entry, another mid-tower case, this time from NZXT. The H7 Elite is a premium case with everything you could want for a gaming system using your new RTX 4080. 

The case supports Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, and ATX form factor motherboards. It has a perforated top and bottom to promote airflow and comes with three pre-installed F Series RGB 140mm Fans in the front and one 140mm F Series Quiet Airflow Fan in the rear for convenient cooling right as you buy it. You can update it with two additional 140mm fans or three 120mm fans on the top. You also get a fan and RGB light controller pre-installed with the case. 

This case is spacious, offering up to 400mm of GPU clearance, meaning there’s room for your card to breathe, and you can upgrade to possibly longer cards. However, it doesn’t have any verticle expansion slots. The capacity for air or liquid cooling your CPU is great with H7 Elite. With 185mm of CPU cooler clearance, you can choose any air cooler on the market. Additionally, you can add two 360 mm radiators in the front and top simultaneously, along with one 140mm radiator in the rear. You could choose any top-od-the-line AIO liquid CPU cooler or go with a custom cooling loop. 

The case has two stunning tempered glass panels, one in the front to show off the pre-installed RGB fans and the other on the left side to showcase your valuable computer hardware. You can choose between matte white or black aluminum frames to match the rest of your build. 

Ultimately, we’ve got ample room for our RTX 4080, four pre-installed fans, of which three light up with their controller, and two stunning tempered glass panels. What more could you want from an affordable yet featureful Computer case?

Thermaltake Core P3

Thermaltake Core P3

Best Enthusiast Case for RTX 4080

  • +Uninterrupted airflow
  • +Modular design
  • +Variable case placement, wall-mounted, horizontal or vertical
  • No dust prevention
  • Not easy to build for beginners

The Thermaltake Core P3 is a unique open-style mid-tower chassis that can accommodate ATX, mATX, and ITX motherboards. Made for enthusiast builders from the ground up, it offers a panoramic view of all your hard work.

 The open frame design of the Core P3 allows for uninterrupted airflow. This is great if you have no qualms about cleaning the dust more often than with a conventional closed chassis. This may not be the best option for users who prioritize less maintenance over airflow. 

The Core P3 frame is a completely modular chassis, giving us full freedom to arrange the panels, brackets, and mounting arrays according to your build. Prearranged structural components will not restrict you, nor will you have any dead space left unused. The freedom granted through its modular design is great for experienced builders. Over 40mm of hidden cable management space is behind the right panel. You can mount the case on the wall or place it horizontally or vertically.

With no back panel, you may worry about where to fit your RTX 4080. The case has a fully supportive GPU tray with slots allowing conventional and vertical GPU mounting. The tray has ample ventilation, preventing any heat from being trapped under your valuable GPU, and keeping temperatures satisfactory.  

There is only one panel to mount all your hardware, including fans and radiators. However, you can mount any AIO on the market without additional brackets. The modular brackets and racks also allow you to mount any storage drive. Regarding air coolers, there’s 180mm of CPU clearance, leaving you with many options.  

The greatest selling point of this case is not its incredible airflow or versatile mourning options. It’s the unique aesthetic quality this case offers. If you’ve been irritated with cases covering all the hard work you’ve put into your build, this is the case for you. It has one black right panel and one glass window. The rest of the case is open. This case is truly one of the most unique cases on our list, perfect for an enthusiast RTX 4080 build.

Fractal Design Ridge

Fractal Design Ridge

Best Compact Case for RTX 4080

  • +Compact and elegant
  • +Preinstalled fans
  • +Preinstalled riser card
  • +335mm GPU clearance
  • Not cool enough for high-powered CPUs
  • Not quite under light loads

PC builders always develop increasingly insane builds that defy the imagination. You wouldn’t think ITX systems in compact cases fit a large card like the RTX 4080, but one search online would prove you wrong. There are even systems where the graphics card fills a third of a case’s volume. If you want to try building a compact PC, we recommend the Fractal Design Ridge. 

It’s a compact but full-featured computer case. This case is perfect for an elegant small form factor build with large GPUs like the 4080, leaving other builders shocked at your ingenuity. The ridge is a slim case that can stand vertically or lie horizontally. It’s got a modest, minimalist style, so it blends into your interior, making it perfect for home theatre gaming systems, small bedrooms, or an office desk. The case has 12.6 liters of volume but can fit up to 335mm GPUs.

Designed to be convenient, you can open any panel to access the inside. It’s ventilated from all sides for superb airflow and has two 140mm fans preinstalled. The fans are placed strategically to cool the large graphic card. There’s also the option to add three 80mm fans on the top. You also get a PCIe 4.0 or PCIe 3.0 riser card with it.   

While the case is small, it’s big on storage with four 2.5-inch drive mounts and three expansion slots. While it’s a small chassis, it’s designed to make the most of its space and is extremely easy to build with. 

Just because your system is small doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use a powerful CPU. You have 70mm of clearance to cool it, which is ideal for low-form factor air coolers or AIOs with discrete cooling blocks. Since you’ll be using a large graphics card, you’ll be limited to a 120mm side radiator, which is still enough for this well-ventilated case. 

The case seems like it was pulled out of an interior design catalog. It would look great anywhere and doesn’t distract from your living space. It has an elegant fabric front panel, allowing air to flow without dust entering the system. The remaining panels come in black or white. It’s a great case and has a reasonable price.

Cooler Master HAF700 ‘The Beserker’

Cooler Master HAF700 ‘The Beserker’

Best Case for RTX 4080

  • +Flexible for hardware and cooling options
  • +Spectacular cooling
  • +ARGB fans and hub pre-installed
  • Extremely large
  • Heavy

HAF stands for High Air Flow; Cooler Master makes some of the coolest computer hardware in town with the best thermal performance. If you want your 4080 to run in perfect conditions, you should give the HAF700' the Berserker' a shot. 

The HAF is praised for having no limits regarding its thermal and hardware potential. True to the theme, you can comfortably fit any motherboard, including EATX boards; you have complete freedom when deciding how to cool this PC case. First, it comes with two 200mm Sickleflow ARGB PWM “Performance Edition” fans and an integrated PWM/ARGB Hub capable of ARGB Gen 2 devices. The hub also keeps cables neat in the case. 

The HAF700 was designed with custom liquid cooling in mind. You could design any dream loop with top, rear, bottom, and side radiator support. You can place a 480mm radiator on the side, a 420 mm one on the bottom, two 360mm or one 420mm one on top, and a 240mm one on the rear. Can you imagine what epic cooling system you could develop in this case? If you go the AIO route, you could add a big one on the case’s top, side, or bottom. A radiator at the bottom will cool your GPU to some extent. 

Storage and cable management include four USB Gen 3.1 Type-A ports, a USB Gen 3.2 Type C, a 4-pin audio/mic headset jack, a dedicated mic jack, and a power button. 

You can place the largest GPU in a horizontal or vertical position. That means you have lots of options on how you want to show off your brand-new RTX 4080. 

The Berserker is a sight to behold. First off, its size dominates any space at over two feet tall. The black is a great background for the gorgeous two fans lit up in the front. The front panel is a mesh, allowing for superior airflow. The side panel can remain open or add an optional mesh panel. It’s a great case if you want absolute freedom in building your dream PC.

How to choose PC Case for RTX 4080

That was our list of the best computer cases for the RTX 4080. We hope you enjoyed all these options. We know how hard it is to find the perfect case for your intended build, especially if your chosen hardware or budget limits you. That’s why we have shared the best cases for every build. There are full-tower cases for gamers who aren’t afraid of size, and there are compact options for gamers who want something to blend in with their living space. 

Most cases in a certain price range offer many of the same features. Their look and specialized features set it apart from the rest. Some cases come with huge 200mm fans, while others come with fan and lighting software control out of the box. Some cases look exactly how you want them to. While finding a case with everything you’d want it to be difficult, it’s not impossible. However, it usually is expensive. Balancing your desires with your budget is never easy, but we’re sure one of the cases on our list will fit into that carefully balanced equation. You can easily compare any cases you’ve shortlisted from our list until you find the winner. 

If you still need to decide which case to go with, we recommend the Corsair 5000D Airflow. It has one of the best thermal performances on our list while being reasonably priced. You have several options for mounting fans and can mount two full-size radiators simultaneously. If you want all that but bigger, you can try your luck with the Cooler Master HAF700. It’s a mammoth when it comes to cooling options and a spectacular case if you can get over its huge size.

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